Brake Caliper Piston

Brake Calipers

  • No core handling surcharges
  • A range of 1500 caliper models in high demand
  • Fast delivery
  • Entirely new-manufactured products
  • Consumer-friendly price level

Axia Brake Calipers is a specialist brand of brake calipers for personal vehicles. The available range of Axia calipers are all brand-new calipers made from completely new parts. Furthermore, there are no surcharges or core handling fees involved when you buy an Axia caliper. No handling, no re-packaging, no credit-systems – at all. Just.the.caliper.

The Axia range are all produced and assembled from parts from the PRC and SE Asia, but we are serving our customers straight from our warehouse in Europe, thereby reducing the lead and shipping times normally associated with procuring products from Asia, so that the customer does not have to wait for the caliper they need, when they need it.

The Axia range consists of more than 1,500 brake calipers, which covers the 1,000 most requested and widely applicable brake calipers for personal vehicles in Europe – at a price level that is easy to appreciate for the consumer.

ο A range of the 1500 most popular caliper models without surcharge.

ο Customers served locally in the EU from Denmark.

ο 2 years of warranty / 100,000 km.

ο Quality control performed in DK according to Budweg specifications.

ο Extended payment terms; up to 6 months for volumes >25,000 pcs.

ο Short lead time; standard 2 weeks & express day-to-day delivery.

ο MOQ 1, minimum shipping quantity of 1 EUR pallet.

ο Always min. 100 pcs. of the 300 fastest selling SKUs in stock.

ο No overseas claim-handling; direct 1:1 replacement from within the EU.


Front wheel brake caliper
ICEV – Front
Rear brake caliper
ICEV – Rear
EPB brake caliper