Axia Brake Calipers

The Axia Brake Calipers brand of brake calipers is trademarked by Budweg Caliper A/S, a subsidiary of BBB Industries LLC. The Axia brand was initiated in 2022 with the purpose of providing the European automotive aftermarket a brand of affordable and convenient brake caliper products without any additional surcharges or handling fees.

Cost-efficient brake calipers with all new parts

All parts for the Axia products, including the housing, are made from completely new parts that have been manufactured and assembled with our suppliers in PRC and SE Asia. All production and assembly are being performed by trained personnel that adheres to a thorough set of quality criteria and standards.

Global products served locally

All Axia’s customers are served from Europe, and all orders are being shipped from local warehousing in Europe as well. By serving our customers directly from our locations in Europe, we can provide all the benefits of a global supply chain, but without extensive lead or delivery times. Global products – served locally. 



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